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Welcome to the new Rural Innovations Company website. We would love to hear from you so please leave us your feedback.


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 Diwali Diyas, Handmade Handbags, Accessories, Indian Gifts and More.


Online Giving

Most organizations see at least a 17% increase in donations when they make online giving an option.

Accepting donations to extend your mission is just a few clicks away.


Great Designs

Rural Innovations Company is looking for Designers and artists who would like a platform to showcase their talents.


Rural Innovations Company is a business enterprise built on the idea that when capitalism is applied creatively, it is the most efficient social change agent. We combine sound business practices with innovative social solutions to create  long-term, self sustaining economies in rural communities around the world. Our first model village is in rural India, among the tribal Santal people.


We believe that the transformation of rural communities around the world can only be brought about by working from the bottom up, starting at the grassroots and working your way up, using innovative techniques and cutting edge technology to bring about long-term sustainable development and growth.


We have two divisions of Rural Handicrafts Company, one is Diwali Diyas and the other is Handmade Yoga Products.
Diwali Diyas Company has three websites based on location.

•  Diwali Diyas India
•  Diwali Diyas Europe
•  Diwali Diyas USA

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